After a week of generating work and feeling almost breezy, today it dawned on me: I have set myself up to make a show about ‘life’. How do you edit that together?

2013-01-09 11.16.48

Things I’ve learnt today. I do not work well doing a 10-6 in a black studio. Maybe because I am not a trained actor, but I prefer moving around. Sitting on stairs. Writing on buses. Then dropping in to  the studio, and matching that up to the other things I’ve brought back and looking a little closer. Like a bird picking  up worms and sticks in the garden before flying back to it’s nest every now and again. The studio should be a nest not a cage. And if you’re not in it very much, it doesn’t mean you’re not a professional person (or bird). Perhaps this is what happens when a visual artist makes a performance, it’s a bit more swervey.

Collaborating and delegating will save you. Company is good and it is exciting to see lots of channels of your project running along together. Today Lisa kept things in order. Catherine and Lindsay, two contemporary theatre students from UCLAN called in to help out and see where I was up to. Here they are in the office (corridor) with all mod-cons (typewriters). The clackety-clacks and pings made today sound very industrious and 1950’s. It was a performance in itself. I hope they will one day star in a new tv series set in a  secretarial school, as they climb the ropes (ribbons?) to hundreds of words per minute and bright futures in the big city…

2013-01-14 14.53.24

Tomorrow: I have a morning in, an afternoon out and an evening eating pizza whilst plotting lights. Don’t forget to send any memories you’d miss on any condensation and send a photo to: Thank you!

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