Today has been good. I didn’t give panic a chance to get the better of me today, because I came with a plan! Fill the walls with every spark of an idea, past and present! Pile up bits of stuff that you find inexplicably interesting! Eat a Twix!

Piles of Stuff.

When the zest started to wear off a bit, I went for a walk (advice from Rob Evans, an excellent writer, he is unrelated). I walked around Salford Shopping Precinct in search of inspiration. As I  tried to find some, I thought about how I would explain what I was up to to anybody around me. Why they should care. What we could tell each other. And I came up with this:

  1. I just had to make this performance and The Lowry let me.
  2. I spend a lot of time with people with dementia and I’ve been turned upside down after a  long distance relationship.
  3. These things have left me asking, in the month before I turn thirty, what does all this matter? What are the moments that truly mean something and you’d never want to lose? What do we leave behind?

Then I did a show-and-tell for the lovely Lisa Mattocks who did a lot of listening. And that thing happened where between us connections started to be made about the scraps of material. There is a lot  and most of it must end up in the bin. But for now it’s ok to have an awful lot of ‘show’.

Another highlight today was I also got to don safety goggles and use the power saw to cut up some rolls of wallpaper. And I begun for the first time ever to think- oh yeah! This feels like the way I make things. Chatting, getting out and about, making an object in an art studio.

Tomorrow I have some secret missions to do. Watch out.