I have made the transition from the middle bit of a process to the end bit. I’ve pushed through the lovely beginning part that’s full of ideas, experiments, hope; today I’ve left behind the middle part which gets full of vagueness in the expanse of possibilities…and now I’m ready for the end. I can nearly touch it. I’m excited to have discovered what it is I’ve got to say right now; and am ready to share it with you. I have learnt so much, and tried so many things, now I can focus on how I’ll share that with you.

Rachel and I begun to piece together a structure, putting together bits that stuck. We did it by drawing pictures, making up section titles and switching them around. Visualising the show in this way is good. We mapped the music, costume, technical and drinks during the piece underneath. That elusive arc has started to emerge, by just getting on with it, giving it a go. Rachel is very good at locating structure in chaos. It’s funny, a lot of stuff that I thought about right at the beginning of the process has come back in. There’s something to be said for instincts.

Then I stroked an owl on my lunchbreak.

And I spent the afternoon experimenting with the new parts of the arc and turning on the projector. I spent a couple of hours speaking to Richard Gregory, about ageing, the space between a performance and an audience, and the what-ness of a piece of work. The afterwards, the ‘what was that’. It was illuminating.

Léonie joined me towards the end of the day. I ran through the paper rainbow of ideas on the floor and she told me what it felt like for her, and then I told her what I wanted it to feel like. Always grab a friend in at this stage, it’s the perfect testing ground for emerging work, with just the right amount of encouragement. After a backstage tour of The Lowry with Porl, we drank tea in polystyrene cups and ran to the tram. Cheers!