Today was a good day despite Leo stipulating I needed to wear ‘warm up gear’. This is something that for nigh on a decade of theatre making I have managed to avoid (it started years ago ‘forgetting’ my P.E. kit). I’m just not that way inclined.

Anyway, that was about as scary as it got. I’ve known Leo Kay for a few years through different projects at Contact. I was keen to work with him because he has been developing work that is warm, intimate and autobiographical. We like a lot of the same pieces of art (usually both experimental and accessible), and love Brazil.

The day was made up of writing exercises, conversation and movement.  The main theme that came out of all the work was of presence and absence. We started with an hour long meditation exercise: blindfolded and active. It set me free! I forgot about my body and went floating around the world. We went straight from there into a writing exercise which caught me off guard and made me cry. The meditation is something I’d never have tried in relation to making work, but it definitely opened up my thought process and made me aware of existing, which are good states to be creative in.

In the afternoon Sophie and Léonie came along to join in the free writing and blindfolded dancing activities. They offered some good feedback on my work, and it feels reassuring having their presence along the process, as Sophie says, it’s less scary to say ‘we’ than ‘I’.

Here we are with Malteasers, coloured pens and water.

The last part of the afternoon started to span out into thinking about an arc (that arc again!) for the sharing or the show. To resist my urges to end things abruptly; to let smaller things join up; to take the audience on a journey.