Today has been a bit dithery. My old friend panic paid a visit so rather than focusing on the process, I fretted about the end product. This is my first solo show project so I have nothing to compare it to. It is like uncovering the mystery of how I create work. So far, chatting, dressing up, making lists, writing memories on postcards, serving food and taking a magnifying glass to the smallest details seem key to the approach.

However, it wasn’t all doom and gloom. I arrived at The Lowry with a bag of feathers and pack of Jammy Dodgers and was met by people that smile and make me smile, Porl and Tuheen. This is Studio 2, my home for the week. It is a nice space to be, there are two magpies that keep watching what’s happening at the window, and you can see the river running by. Salford was shiny and sunlit.

I revisited existing material, and read Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This was the perfect point for Sonia to arrive and sort me out. I felt I’d been creeping round the edges of the work like a sulky cat or nervous goat. Sonia is great at listening and giving advice. We talked a lot about using text in the piece: she gave me some simple starting points, ideas about classic storytelling arcs and the need to interrogate a subject. We both felt that the piece could be in danger of skitting about, with a confetti of many moments, and nothing more. I want this to be a big booming heart of a show!

Next Steve called in and we looked at the space and set up some technical things, and made a list of things to get by Wednesday. Again a bit tricky when the piece is unknown to me, but he seems quite relaxed and happy to respond to the needs of the piece as it unfolds day by day. It is nice to work in this way with a team of people that a).  you like and b). care about the project. The equipment I am using so far is turning out to be a bit seventies secondary school.

Anyway I’m off to pick up Leo Kay from the train station for a day together tomorrow (how this is happening, I’ll never know- it’s turning into a national operation).

Goodnight Mr Magpie, goodnight Mrs Magpie.