I’m not that virtuous that I work all the time. Today was just for 13 minutes. Richard Gregory from Quarantine is one of the artists working on this process and makes brilliant work. This morning he was in Cornwall and I was in Manchester so we worked together remotely. He set me the task of dancing a duet with him. We were to pick 3 songs and dance together.

1. Anthony and the Johnsons ‘Fistful of Love’

2. Cyndi Lauper ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’

3. Arthur Russell ‘Lucky Cloud’

We spoke on the phone before and after. We had similar thoughts and surprisingly similar reactions. There were waves of thinking of yourself here, thinking of yourself there, thinking of the other person here and thinking of the other person there. Swerving through presence and absence. I also felt that it was an act of trust; it can only succeed if both of you have faith and commit to it (like most communication). I like the mystery that I will never know what Richard got up to in those 13 minutes. How do any of us know what we really do? I’ll only share this: my silly silver bridesmaid shoes I wore for the occasion (very Stictly, I thought).

Richard also observed that I have a lot of close relationships far away. I am thinking about how can you be present when you’re absent? Looking forward to meeting up next week and exploring this further.