That’s right, it’s the weekend and all this research and developing is still going on. No cartoons, no football and no lie-in for me today. Thanks to the brilliant organisation that is Word of Warning taking me under their wing, I got to spend the day with Peader Kirk, a director and theatre maker. This is to help guide whatever it is that I am sharing with the general public on May 31 at Contact (come!).

We identified how a lot of the work I make is about wanting to share something, and also not wanting to bother anyone. Both those things seem to happen in everything I do. I have a kind of ‘don’t let me keep you’ approach to performance. It also raised the question: who is the audience in my work? What is the performance? I expose the construct of my performance a lot so the process becomes the performance.

We looked at how a visual score could be the starting point to constructing work. He liked a book that I made, and posed the question of how that graphic use of space, text and objects could be applied to a performance. A way of forcing you to think sideways. Like what would you do with this:

Or I suppose one of my own would be:

We danced a little bit towards the end. Then I got a phone call off my mum and dad who’d turned up in Manchester after going to a nearby National Trust property. What a weekend!